Cicada Educational

Play Tyres

Ref: C4868

• This set will help stimulate children’s minds and help their physical abilities and strength
• The regulated size of each piece enables children to build stable structures.

1. C4868 - 10 Assorted Wheels

Set includes:

4 pieces ø 40cms

4 pieces ø 60cms

2 pieces ø 76cms

Age: 2+ years

2. C4846- Play Tyres - Set 3

Set includes: 3 tyres

Dimensions: Small tyre - ø 40cms

Medium tyre - ø 60cms
Large tyre - ø 76cms

Age: 2+ years

Colours may vary



Suitable Age: 3+ years

Product Dimensions: Small Tyre - ø 40cms Medium Tyre - ø 60cms Large Tyres - ø 76cms * Weight: 8.64kg

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