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Hollow Blocks

Ref: C9674

**Not to be left outdoors**

Design and build imaginative structures with these high quality giant wooden hollow blocks
• The open ended designs are easy to carry and position and ideal to build strength, balance and
coordination. Screwed and glued for extra strength and security to take the largest child’s weight.
•Available in 3 Sets:

C9674 - 52 Piece School Set

C9672 - 40 Piece School Set

C9671 - 26 Piece Pre School Set

C9673 - 14 Piece Starter Set

Contents 52 Piece:

Contents; Small Plank x 8, Large x 8, Square Block x 14, Small Rectangular x 10, Large Rectangular x 8, Ramp x 4.

Contents 40 Piece:

Cube Circle x 4,Triangle x 2, Half Circle x 4, Semi Circle x 4, Small Plank x 4, Large x 4, Square
Block x 7, Small Rectangular x 5, Large Rectangular x 4, Ramp x 2, Large plank is 112cms long, large
rectangular block measures 28 x 56 x 14cms.

Contents 26 Piece:

A smaller more easily stored set for Preschool use.
Contents; 8 Squares, 8 Rectangles, 4 Small Planks, 4 Large Planks and 2 Ramps

Contents 14 Piece:

The smallest set we offer.
Contents: Cube Circle x 4, Triangle x 2, Half Circle x 4, Semi Circle x 4.

Suitable Age: 3+ years

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