Cicada Educational

Knob Puzzles - Set 5

Ref: C5410

A beautifully crafted themed wooden puzzle. Each puzzle piece is featured with different kinds of knobs, pegs or holes requiring the little ones different fine motor skills to grasp and move. A lovely toys children will repeatedly play with while developing their fine motor skills.

1. C5357 - Knob Puzzles - Fruit

2. C5359 - Knob Puzzles - Transportation

3. C5361 - Knob Puzzles - Construction Site

4. C5358 - Knob Puzzles - Sea Creatures

5. C5360 - Knob Puzzles - Farm

C5410 - Set of 5 Knob Puzzles

Suitable Age: 12+ months

Product Dimensions: L 21 x W 4.5 x H 21cms

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