Cicada Educational

Mini Circus (School Set) - 28 Pieces

Ref: C8401

• Cute colourful blocks of elephant images in 3 sizes brings fun and creative imagination
• 3 Size elephants have 4 : 2 : 1 weight ratio. Helps children experiment with balance
• Stackable elephants provide differing levels of stacking games
• Elephant blocks can be combined into circles for rolling games
• Planks provide balance boards so children can experiment with balance
• Helps children develop hand / eye coordination, shape, space, colour and weight concepts

Qty Dimensions
Large Elephant x 4 L 10 x W 5.6 x H 2.5cms
Medium Elephant x 8 L 7.5 x W 4.2 x H 2.5cms
Small Elephant x 16 L 5 x W 2.8 x H 2.5cms
Plank x 4 L 28 x W 4 x H 0.8cms


Suitable Age: 18+ months

Product Dimensions: Weight: 0.9kg

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