Cicada Educational

Pattern Cubes Ocean Pack 16

Ref: C8351

• Brings the natural elements into the classroom.
• Series of creative blocks display rainbows, sunflowers, oceans, lavender and forest.
• Each set integrates visual art and creative construction, fine motor skills development, and
mathematical concepts.

Pattern Cubes available in a range of patterns
C8109 - Pattern Cubes Forest Pack 16
C8351 - Pattern Cubes Ocean Pack 16
C8352 - Pattern Cubes Fun with Curves Pack 16
C8354 - Pattern Cubes Pack 16
C8463 - Rainbow Crystal Cubes Pack 16

• A range of 5 creative sets, each containing 16 cubes.
• All sets include sturdy plastic storage box and instruction cards.

Suitable Age: 3+ years

Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5cms

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