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Early Years Master Class Phonic Brick Set

Ref: C3012

A classroom resource to support the systematic teaching of phases 2 – 4 of the national phonic strategy.
The bricks are used to support the teaching of grapheme/phoneme (letter/sound) correspondences and when the bricks are joined together to create words children can practice the skills of blending phonemes (sounds) in order, all through the word, to read it.
The phonics bricks teach the children that blending and segmenting are reversible process; they create words by placing the bricks (phonemes) on the base board and can then take the bricks (phonemes) off the base board to see and say the individual sounds. Also included in the set are 60 workcards which show an image and the phonic sounds needed to create the word.
Contains:- 221 bricks, vowels, consonants, consonant phonemes and vowel phonemes and their graphemes
3 Large and 6 small base boards
60 Workcards
Teachers guide

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