Cicada Educational

Ultra Soft - Farm

Ref: C3408

This range of mats can be used individually or as a large connecting playground to enhance imaginative play.
Designs have non-slip functionality. Each mat is made from a soft polyester fleece for a great sensory feel.

C3409 (L) - Farm
Design also Available as a Play Mat C3407

C3411 (S) and C3412 (L) - Seaside Road
C3414 (S) and C3415 (L) - Zoo
C3417 (S) and C3418 (L) - Mountain
C3420 (S) and C3421 (L) - Airport
C3405 (S) and C3406 (L) - District

Suitable Age: 18+ months

Product Dimensions: Small Ultra-Soft Mat L 100 x W 150cm Large Ultra-Soft L 130 x W 180cm

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