Cicada Educational

Dinosaur Weaving Frame - Seagrass

Ref: C5097

• Beautifully crafted weaving frames in three themes of Dinosaurs, Mini Beasts and Sea Creatures.
• Ideal for indoor and outdoor use each frame is made from plastic coated wire and then woven with seagrass.
• Helps develop fine motor skills, designing and an understanding of creatures around the world.
• Each set contains three frames - • Set of 3: T-Rex, Diplodocus and Diceratops.

C5096 - Sea Creatures Weaving Frames - Set of 3: Shark, Whale and Sea horse

C5089 - Mini Beast Weaving Frame - Set of 3: Dragonfly, Bumble Bee and Snail.

Materials not included

Suitable Age: 3+ years

Product Dimensions: Average Length 60cms

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