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Drying Rack Mobile 40 Small Shelf

Ref: C1182

• These double sided drying racks come with 4 castors (2 lockable) for complete mobility around the classroom.
• Dryer has 40 wire shelves that are plastic coated for easy cleaning.

C1182 - Drying Rack Mobile 40 Small Shelf
C1183 - Drying Rack Mobile 40 Large Shelf
• C1182 is able to take A3, whilst the C1183, the wider of the two dryers is able to take up to A2 paper.
• Small H 108 x L 41.5 x W 62cms
• Large H 108 x L 50.5 x W 82cms


Product Dimensions: Small 62 x 108 x 41.5cms

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